SOLIS: Solar Energy for F-150

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Worksport Ltd. announces the development of the SOLIS solar cover for the Ford F-150 Lightning, marking a significant advancement in sustainable energy solutions for electric vehicle (EV) pickup trucks. This initiative underscores the company’s commitment to pioneering off-grid energy solutions, leveraging solar power to enhance the EV experience for F-150 Lightning owners.

The SOLIS solar cover represents a leap forward in automotive technology, offering a way to harness solar energy directly for the vehicle. Worksport’s focus is on integrating this innovative cover with the F-150 Lightning’s charging system, potentially increasing the vehicle’s range. The company is in the early stages of planning and development, with a keen eye on overcoming the challenges posed by the pickup’s design and maximizing efficiency.

Key to the project’s success is the meticulous testing phase aimed at determining the additional mileage the SOLIS cover can contribute. Although dependent on the F-150 Lightning’s specifications, preliminary estimates suggest a possible range extension of up to 10 miles under certain conditions. This enhancement is crucial for those seeking sustainable, off-grid energy solutions without compromising on power.

Furthermore, Worksport plans to complement the SOLIS solar cover with the SOLIS and COR battery bundle, providing a comprehensive system for clean energy utilization. This pairing is designed to optimize solar power use, ensuring the vehicle’s onboard power reserves remain unaffected. The COR Battery, integral to this setup, is currently undergoing testing, with its launch strategically timed to coincide with the SOLIS cover’s debut to ensure a cohesive market introduction.

Steven Rossi, CEO of Worksport, expressed enthusiasm about the project, emphasizing the company’s role in integrating solar technology with automotive accessories. “The SOLIS solar cover and COR bundle represent our commitment to renewable energy and our belief in empowering consumers with sustainable, off-grid solutions,” Rossi stated. This development not only promises to extend EV range through renewable energy but also positions Worksport as a leader in sustainable automotive technology.

As Worksport progresses with the SOLIS solar cover and COR Battery, it aims to redefine automotive accessories and sustainable energy solutions, offering a glimpse into the future of clean, efficient, and sustainable transportation.

About Worksport Ltd.: Worksport, a Nasdaq-listed company, is at the forefront of designing and manufacturing innovative tonneau covers and solar integrations for the automotive and clean energy industries. With a focus on proprietary solar solutions and green energy technology, Worksport aims to contribute to the shift towards sustainable energy consumption. For more information, visit Worksport’s website.

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