South Korea Takes Aim at Green Hydrogen with Bloom & SK ecoplant

Bloom Energy and SK ecoplant, a subsidiary of SK Group, are joining forces with Korea Southern Power Co. (KOSPO) in a landmark green hydrogen project on Jeju Island. This first-of-its-kind demonstration marks a significant step towards South Korea’s clean energy ambitions.

The project harnesses Bloom’s industry-leading Solid Oxide Electrolyzer (SOEC) technology to generate 1.8 megawatts (MW) of green hydrogen for transport fuel, making Jeju a pioneer in renewable energy solutions.

“This is a pivotal moment for showcasing Bloom’s superior efficiency and solidifying our partnership with SK ecoplant in the vital South Korean market,” stated Bloom CEO KR Sridhar. “We’re committed to supporting South Korea’s clean hydrogen leadership through our efficient and flexible SOEC technology.”

Capitalizing on existing collaborations, SK ecoplant will integrate Bloom’s Electrolyzer™ with its infrastructure to create readily deployable hydrogen for transport. “This project’s results will propel SK into the electrolysis market and advance domestic and international green hydrogen development alongside Bloom’s SOEC,” asserted Kyung-il Park, CEO of SK ecoplant. “It strengthens our strategic partnership, expanding from power generation to global green hydrogen initiatives.”

The Bloom Electrolyzer was chosen for its superior efficiency, ensuring the consortium achieves optimal outcomes. This demonstration aligns with Jeju’s “Carbon Free Island 2030” vision, aiming to replace all vehicles and electricity generation with renewables by 2030. The green hydrogen produced will fuel public vehicles at hydrogen refueling stations, demonstrating a sustainable energy pathway.

Leveraging Jeju’s abundant wind power and natural resources, the consortium plans to build the nation’s largest 12.5MW hydrogen production facility, incorporating diverse electrolyzer technologies. Their goals include generating green hydrogen, securing distribution viability, and paving the way for commercialization.

Since 2018, Bloom and SK ecoplant have deployed 400 MW, solidifying their positions in power generation and the burgeoning global hydrogen economy. SK ecoplant is poised to become Bloom’s preferred distributor for SOFC and SOEC technologies in its core markets.

This groundbreaking collaboration between Bloom, SK ecoplant, and KOSPO positions South Korea at the forefront of green hydrogen development and sets a promising precedent for the future of clean energy.


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