StarCharge Unveils New EV Solutions

StarCharge, a global leader in EV charging and micro-grid solutions, is set to make waves at the Smarter E Europe 2024 in Munich, Germany, from June 19 to 21. With a focus on efficiency and sustainability, StarCharge will showcase its industry-leading 97% efficiency EV charging solution, the innovative vLight energy storage system for solar homes, and a cutting-edge aviation charging solution. Visit them at Booth 150, Hall C3.

Key Highlights:

  • 97% Efficiency EV Charging Solution
  • Affordable Energy Storage System for Solar Homes
  • Aviation Charging Solution

Industry-Leading 97% Efficiency EV Charging Solution

StarCharge is launching the Titan 320 and Nova 720, two high-power EV chargers with 97% efficiency. These solutions reduce power loss and energy costs, adding 2% to 3% profit for charging station operators. Their modular design ensures continuous service and optimal charging speeds.

“We are thrilled to introduce our 97% efficiency charging solution at the EES Exhibition,” said Dr. Herman Chang, CEO of StarCharge. “This innovation underscores our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in energy efficiency and sustainability. Our charging solution is an ideal choice for CPOs, fleet operators, and those who endeavor to support electrified transportation.”

vLight: Affordable Energy Storage System for Solar Homes

StarCharge will unveil vLight, a PV-coupled residential energy storage system designed for retrofit purposes. It integrates seamlessly with existing solar setups, maximizing energy efficiency and reducing electricity bills with minimal installation effort and cost.

“vLight is a game-changer for European families looking to optimize their solar energy usage,” explained Toni Cheng, President of StarCharge Europe. “By making energy storage more affordable, we are empowering more households to embrace sustainable energy and achieve greater energy independence.”

Charging Solution for Aviation

StarCharge introduces a customized charging device for Lilium, a pioneer in electric aviation. This collaboration highlights StarCharge’s expertise in electrification beyond road traffic, supporting the transition to sustainable transportation.

“Partnering with Lilium is a significant step for StarCharge as we expand our charging expertise into the aviation industry,” stated Toni Cheng.

2024 EES Exhibition

StarCharge invites attendees of the 2024 EES Exhibition to Booth 150, Hall C3 to explore these groundbreaking innovations. Visitors can learn more about StarCharge’s advanced charging solutions and meet with the company’s experts.

About StarCharge

StarCharge, a global leader in EV charging infrastructure and microgrid solutions, operates in 20 countries with manufacturing facilities in the USA, Vietnam, and China. Committed to the energy transition, StarCharge focuses on innovative technology in the e-mobility sector to build an efficient energy network. For more information, please visit

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