Stellantis Inaugurates Major Battery Technology Hub

Stellantis has proudly unveiled its premier Battery Technology Center situated in the Mirafiori complex, Turin, Italy.

Why It Matters

This advanced establishment underscores Stellantis’ dedication to pioneering electric vehicle (EV) technology. Fueled by a €40 million investment, the facility stands as the most expansive Battery Technology Center in Italy and ranks among Europe’s largest. Such significant investments in battery research and development demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainable mobility and the growing importance of electric vehicles in the automotive sector.

Stellantis Inaugurates Major Battery Technology Hub

Key Points

  • The center spans 8,000 square meters and features 32 specialized climatic test cells, which makes it Italy’s largest and one of Europe’s most comprehensive facilities.
  • The Battery Technology Center is designed to foster in-house experimentation and evolution of EV battery packs for forthcoming Stellantis branded vehicles.
  • Over 100 employees, primarily skilled Stellantis personnel, will be dedicated to a range of tasks including climatic stress tests, lifespan evaluations, software development, and more.
  • The facility’s infrastructure includes 24 walk-in chambers for battery pack testing and eight chambers for individual cell tests. The conditions in these chambers can be adjusted for varied humidity and temperatures ranging from -40°C to 60°C.
  • As part of Stellantis’ global vision, another Battery Technology Center is under construction in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. This international approach is bolstered by plans for six gigafactories.

Bottom Line

The inauguration of the Mirafiori Battery Technology Center marks a significant stride for Stellantis in its pursuit of electrified transportation and sustainable solutions. Stellantis’ Chief Engineering and Technology Officer, Ned Curic, conveyed the company’s vision, emphasizing the unparalleled opportunity to reshape mobility through intelligent and eco-friendly advancements. With its holistic approach to EV battery production — from conceptualization and testing to final production — Stellantis solidifies its ambition to lead in the electric vehicle domain. The company is poised to achieve its Dare Forward 2030 initiative through endeavors like these, including ambitious sales goals and a commitment to becoming a carbon net-zero entity by 2038.


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