StoreDot Signs Manufacturing Agreement with EVE Energy

StoreDot, a leader in extreme fast charging (XFC) technology for electric vehicles, has announced a strategic manufacturing agreement with EVE Energy, marking a significant leap toward the commercialization and mass production of its innovative batteries. This collaboration with EVE, a top global battery manufacturer, ensures StoreDot’s ability to meet the immediate needs of OEMs with their 100in5 XFC cells, utilizing EVE’s advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Key Highlights:

  • Strategic partnership between StoreDot and EVE Energy for XFC battery production.
  • StoreDot to license its fast-charging technology, bolstering mass production capabilities.
  • Significant boost for electric vehicle manufacturers with advanced charging solutions.
  • EVE Energy’s global manufacturing footprint plays a critical role in the agreement.
  • StoreDot remains on track with its ‘100inX’ product roadmap, promising significant advancements in charging speeds.

StoreDot’s venture into mass production is bolstered by EVE Energy’s commitment to manufacture the 100in5 XFC cells, highlighting the synergy between StoreDot’s pioneering battery technology and EVE’s manufacturing prowess. This agreement not only secures manufacturing capacity for StoreDot but also cements a robust alliance aimed at propelling the electric vehicle industry forward with rapid charging solutions.

Amir Tirosh, StoreDot’s COO, expressed the agreement’s importance: “This newly minted agreement with EVE Energy is a pivotal inflection point for StoreDot… This will allow us to serve our customers who do not have their own manufacturing capability.”

Alexander Holden, Senior Vice President at EVE Energy, mirrored the sentiment, emphasizing the partnership’s role in advancing StoreDot’s charging technology to global electric vehicle manufacturers.

About StoreDot: StoreDot is at the forefront of developing extreme fast charging (XFC) batteries, focusing on eliminating range and charging anxiety among electric vehicle users. With a vision to enable EVs to charge as quickly as conventional cars refuel, StoreDot’s innovative approach involves unique silicon-dominant chemistries and AI-optimized proprietary compounds. The company’s strategic roadmap, ‘100inX’, aims to achieve milestones in charging speeds, offering 100 miles of charge in 5 minutes by 2024, and further reducing it in the following years.

The collaboration between StoreDot and EVE Energy is set to ensure faster, more efficient charging solutions are available to meet the growing demands of electric vehicle users worldwide.

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