Sungrow EV Charging Unveils Innovative Chargers for the European Market

Sungrow, a leading name in power electronics, launches two new EV chargers in Europe, enhancing energy efficiency and user experience. Discover how Sungrow’s technology innovation contributes to a zero-carbon future.

What’s Happening

Sungrow EV Charging introduced two groundbreaking electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions at the Intersolar Europe event in Munich on June 15. The newly released products include the IDC180E, a 180kW Integrated DC Fast Charger, and the AC22E-01, a 22kW AC Residential & Commercial Charger.

Why It Matters

Building on its 26 years of expertise in power electronics, Sungrow’s innovative chargers blend industrial-grade quality with a user-friendly design, meeting demands across residential, semi-public, and public scenarios. As part of Sungrow’s commitment to developing reliable, efficient, and user-friendly EV charging solutions, these new products will contribute significantly to facilitating widespread EV adoption and promoting a zero-carbon future.

Key Points

The IDC180E and AC22E-01 boast full cycle reliability, optimal efficiency, and whole-process user-friendliness. These characteristics are backed by Sungrow’s top-tier supply chain, robust quality management system, and leading-edge product design. Both EV chargers offer high protection levels, long service lifetimes, and can endure harsh outdoor conditions, making them versatile for diverse applications across Europe.

The IDC180E, designed based on the successful platform architecture of over 2,000 installed 120 kW DC Chargers, adopts Sungrow’s first integrated technical solution. Its unique topological design and cutting-edge silicon carbide semiconductor devices enable a system efficiency of up to 96%. The AC22E-01, on the other hand, is equipped with an automatic phase-switching function and dynamic load management technology, optimizing power usage while multiple vehicles charge simultaneously.

Both chargers can be easily integrated with PV and battery systems, promoting the use of green electricity and enhancing charging economy. Furthermore, they offer compatibility with Sungrow’s PV+ ESS+ Charger Solution, supporting fast charging station deployment and free debugging, all while providing a smooth and efficient user experience.

Bottom Line

Sungrow continues to pave the way for innovative EV charging solutions, with its new products set to make a significant contribution to the European market. These advancements underline Sungrow’s unwavering commitment to product research, development, and technological innovation, striving to provide intelligent charging integrated solutions that foster a more sustainable, zero-carbon future.


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