TELO Unveils Revolutionary Compact Electric Truck for Urban and Suburban Adventurers

TELO, a pioneering electric vehicle manufacturer, has launched the TELO Truck, a compact electric truck designed for urban and suburban consumers. Created by industry veterans with a heritage in Tesla and other leading automakers, the TELO Truck offers the capacity of a standard pickup while redefining the EV footprint.

What’s Happening

TELO, an emergent electric vehicle manufacturer, has officially unveiled its innovative product, the TELO Truck. This state-of-the-art vehicle, with the capabilities of a traditional truck condensed into a compact 152-inch length, introduces a novel dimension to the electric truck concept. Designed for both urban and suburban consumers, the TELO Truck is poised to redefine automotive conventions.

TELO Unveils Revolutionary Compact Electric Truck for Urban and Suburban Adventurers

Why It Matters

The company is the brainchild of Jason Marks, known for developing the test systems for driver assistance safety features in five major US automakers’ vehicles, and Forrest North, who contributed to the development of the first Tesla Roadster and founded Mission Motors, one of the earliest electric motorcycle companies. World-renowned designer, advisor, and investor, Yves Béhar, and his Fuseproject team collaborated with TELO on the vehicle design.

Key Points

The TELO Truck uniquely marries the practicality of a small urban vehicle with the storage capacity and power of a standard truck. It presents a revolutionary shift in automotive construction, redesigning the EV truck footprint to leverage the best of electric and autonomous technology. A spacious four-door, five-passenger interior, and a 60-inch truck bed deliver the storage dimensions of a standard pickup, while its lack of a long front-end allows for easy navigation through city streets and tight parking spots. TELO’s patent-pending battery packs, nestled within the truck’s chassis, ensure a roomy crew cab and an impressive 350-mile range between charges.

TELO Unveils Revolutionary Compact Electric Truck for Urban and Suburban Adventurers

Bottom Line

Designed for the ‘urban adventurer,’ the TELO Truck features an expandable 60-inch truck bed and a side tunnel storage compartment. The truck bed can accommodate large items like 4×8 plywood sheets or a 9-foot surfboard. The TELO Truck is currently open for pre-orders with a deposit of $152. More information is available at This novel EV is a testament to TELO’s commitment to crafting vehicles that meet the needs of modern, active lifestyles while contributing to a sustainable future.

Source: TELO

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