Tibber and Wallbox Partnership Promises Significant Savings

What’s Happening

Tibber, an innovative European energy supplier offering dynamic energy tariffs, and Wallbox, a global leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management solutions, have officially launched an interoperability partnership. This joint venture is set to foster better awareness and broader accessibility of smart charging technology, supported by dynamic energy rates. The alliance is forecasted to generate considerable cost savings for EV owners.

Why It Matters

The groundbreaking collaboration between Tibber and Wallbox is destined to revolutionize the EV charging experience for drivers in the Netherlands and Sweden. Owners of Wallbox AC home chargers can now leverage the Tibber app to optimize their EV charging schedule, targeting periods of lowest energy prices. The dynamic nature of Tibber’s energy contracts — where consumers are charged the current hourly purchase price of electricity — facilitates the strategic use of cost-efficient charging windows. Moreover, the Tibber app offers users an unparalleled real-time view of their energy consumption.

Key Points

Recent research from Tibber, conducted in March 2023, substantiates the financial advantages of this initiative. According to their data, EV drivers using dynamic rates can achieve up to 50% savings on charging costs. The integration of Tibber’s smart charging via their app is compatible with all of Wallbox’s AC chargers, including the globally best-selling Pulsar series. The partnership has its initial rollout in the Netherlands and Sweden on July 4, 2023.

Bottom Line

Edgeir Aksnes, Tibber’s CEO, expressed excitement about the Wallbox collaboration, believing it combines the best of dynamic energy contracts and electric charging. “By joining forces,” Aksnes says, “we’re able to offer even more consumers the opportunity to save money on their charging costs and make smart charging accessible to a wider audience.” Wallbox CEO, Enric Asuncion, echoed similar sentiments, asserting that the integration of Wallbox into Tibber’s energy management platform would democratize energy, accelerate EV adoption, and make energy use more sustainable. Ultimately, this partnership underscores a shared commitment to advancing cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and smart energy solutions.


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