TOPDON Enters Electric Vehicle Charging Market with Launch of the PulseQ, Highlighting its First Charging Product

ROCKAWAY, N.J. – TOPDON, a one-stop diagnosis solutions provider, has announced its entrance into the electric vehicle charging market with the launch of the PulseQ, the company’s first EV charging station product. The product announcement comes as a response to the market’s increased shift toward EV technology and the need for a higher volume of public charging stations.

The PulseQ’s SAE J1772 (Type 1) plug offers versatility and adaptability to make EV charging widely accessible for most American AC EVs, eliminating the majority of brand barriers. The AC charger features a slower form of charging that is proven to be gentler on vehicle battery packs and in turn, extend the life of the battery compared to the DC fast charging solution. The charger is compatible with brands including Ford, GM, Volkswagen, Nissan, Audi and more, making it the perfect tool for users with more than one EV. The PulseQ’s compact design allows users to save space with multiple mounting options, including those outside due to its flame-retardant materials and the ability to operate in temperatures of -22°F to 131°F and up to 95% humidity.

“We are eager to launch our new EV product line with the release of the PulseQ. This is a pivotal turning point for TOPDON as we navigate toward a greener, lower carbon future for all,” said Mike Zhou, founder, TOPDON. “As the EV market continues to grow and gain popularity, we understand the importance of our consumers having a reliable and trustworthy product. In many cases, users are faced with the uncertainty of whether a charging station is compatible with their vehicle. Our PulseQ relieves this worry as its adjustable current range from 6A to 40A powers most EVs on the market today.”

The PulseQ U.S. online version features two different charging modes: Plug-and-Play and App Control. Plug-and-Play charging mode allows you to begin charging your EV as soon as you connect the charger to the vehicle while App Control mode utilizes your smartphone to set charging times remotely, adjust charging current and track data about your EVs charging status. The PulseQ charger can be operated by more than one person simultaneously using App Control and will automatically switch to Plug-and-Play mode to charge your vehicle if the app loses connection to the PulseQ.

The PulseQ EV charger features multiple safety functions to ensure the protection of both users and the charger. The charger is water resistant and dust proof and equipped with over-temp protection, overload protection, under and over voltage protection, earth leakage protection (CCID 20), ground protection, short circuit protection and lightning protection.

TOPDON’s PulseQ EV charger is available for purchase through Amazon, retailing for $599.


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