Toyota Launches All-New Prius Plug-in Hybrid in Japan

What’s Happening: Toyota is launching the all-new Prius Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) model, known as the Z grade, on March 15 for the Japanese market. The PHEV model is built on the Hybrid Reborn concept, which offers both an environmentally friendly vehicle and a high-performance driving experience.

Why It Matters: The new Prius PHEV model represents Toyota’s latest efforts to provide customers with a high-performance vehicle that reduces environmental impact. The car’s new plug-in hybrid system includes a compact, high-capacity drive battery, high-output drive motor, and high-efficiency gasoline engine. With improved environmental features, the new Prius PHEV delivers a dynamic driving experience that reduces carbon emissions and is expected to be well-received by customers.

Key Points:

  • The new Prius PHEV model achieves a maximum system output of 164 kW (223 PS) of power with a high level of dynamic performance.
  • The car offers great fuel efficiency of 26.0 km/L1 with 19-inch tires and 30.1 km/L1 with 17-inch tires.
  • The new Prius PHEV comes with both a BEV external power supply mode and an HEV external power supply mode, providing customers with multiple power supply options.
  • The car is equipped with a second-generation solar charging system that converts solar energy into electricity and can drive up to 1,250 km per year in BEV mode.
  • The Prius PHEV has a “My Room Mode” feature that lets users enjoy air conditioning and audio systems from the external power source.

Bottom Line: The new Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) model provides customers with a high-performance vehicle that reduces environmental impact. With improved features such as a plug-in hybrid system, a second-generation solar charging system, and multiple external power supply modes, the new Prius PHEV is a car that many customers will continue to cherish as their car of choice for generations to come.


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