Toyota Launches Hydrogen Headquarters

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Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) has officially renamed its TMNA R&D California office to the North American Hydrogen Headquarters (H2HQ). This strategic move underscores Toyota’s sustained dedication to hydrogen fuel cell technology development and commercialization. The newly designated H2HQ in California will focus on the advancement of hydrogen fuel cell applications and related technologies, reinforcing Toyota’s role as a leader in zero-emission technology across North America.

Key Highlights:

  • Renamed Facility: TMNA R&D California office is now North American Hydrogen Headquarters.
  • Enhanced Capabilities: The H2HQ features updated research and development facilities, including Toyota’s largest dynamometer and a hydrogen fueling station.
  • Future Plans: Anticipated additions include a flexible microgrid, a sustainable customer education center, and other innovative features.
  • Long-term Commitment: Over three decades of pioneering hydrogen fuel cell technology with plans for ongoing advancement and expansion.

“Toyota has developed hydrogen fuel cell electric solutions for more than three decades, and we will continue to advance this scalable, zero-emission technology as part of our electrified portfolio,” stated Ted Ogawa, President and CEO, Toyota Motor North America. “Renaming this facility as North American Hydrogen Headquarters represents our leadership in fuel cell development creating real-world products to help reduce carbon emissions.”

The facility already boasts significant assets to propel these initiatives forward, such as a comprehensive hydrogen fueling station that serves both light and heavy-duty vehicles. With Toyota’s largest dynamometer (1.2 MW) and various testing platforms, the H2HQ is well-equipped to handle extensive fuel cell application testing and development.

California State Senator, Josh Newman, expressed his support: “I’m very pleased that Toyota is building on its longstanding commitment to California by locating its North American hydrogen headquarters here in the Golden State. The work done there, along with green hydrogen initiatives throughout the state, is propelling California toward a dynamic, clean-energy economy which will also reduce carbon emissions and foster environmental stewardship while extending California’s leadership in this important space.”

In addition to vehicle applications, the H2HQ will also explore non-automotive uses for hydrogen, such as stationary power generation. Recent projects include the development of a 1MW fuel cell electric generator for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado and a prototype stationary generator designed in collaboration with Kohler to provide emergency backup power for a health facility in Washington.

Moving forward, Toyota plans to introduce more educational and sustainable initiatives at the H2HQ, including a new customer education center intended to engage and inform the public about the potential of hydrogen technology.

About Toyota: With a presence in North America spanning over 65 years, Toyota remains committed to innovative mobility solutions. Employing more than 63,000 individuals across the region, Toyota has solidified its reputation as a leader in the development of electrified vehicles, boasting the most diverse range of electrified vehicle options currently available on the market.

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