UL Solutions Unveils Advanced EV Charging Software

UL Solutions has launched the 1.10 version of their HOMER Grid modeling software, aiming to enhance the design and optimization of renewable distributed energy-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

Why It Matters

The rapid growth of EVs necessitates accurate evaluation of potential EV charging stations during their feasibility phase. HOMER Grid 1.10 provides a platform to calculate potential revenues from EV charging swiftly, combining various aspects such as user-defined pricing, electricity supply costs, and on-demand fast charging capabilities. This new version promises to significantly cut down the time required to gauge the ROI of an EV charging station, further benefitting the entire project lifecycle, from quotation to construction.

Key Points

  • The software provides a comprehensive modeling platform for calculating potential EV charging revenues, drawing upon variables like on-site renewable generation, storage, and electricity supply costs.
  • HOMER Grid 1.10 encompasses databases for electric loads, utility tariffs, and other relevant factors, enabling users to swiftly assess the feasibility of multiple locations.
  • The software employs thousands of simulations to optimize scenarios, considering multiple variables like electric loads, utility tariffs, and capital expenditures, to identify the most cost-effective solution.
  • Additional updates in the 1.10 version include integration of California’s new Net Energy Metering 3.0 tariffs and the capability to merge multiple data files into one energy modeling project.
  • Built upon the pioneering HOMER platform, numerous companies have trusted the software worldwide, with over 250,000 project calculations in more than 190 countries.

Bottom Line

UL Solutions’ HOMER Grid 1.10 addresses the growing need for reliable, efficient, and economically feasible EV charging stations, armed with the tools required for maximizing revenue and ROI. With EV adoption on the rise and the demand for dependable charging infrastructure growing, this software offers a timely solution for project developers to confidently plan, design, and execute their EV charging station projects.


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