Ultra-Fast EV Charging at PLUS Supermarkets

PLUS supermarkets in Klazienaveen (Netherlands) have launched their first ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) charging station. The charging station, developed in partnership with PowerGo, allows two EVs to charge simultaneously at a maximum speed of 320 kilowatts (kW), using 100% solar energy.

Key Highlights

  • Location: Klazienaveen, first of many planned locations.
  • Charging Capacity: Two EVs at 320 kW each.
  • Energy Source: 100% solar energy.
  • Technological Innovation: Fast charger with an integrated battery system.
  • User Benefits: Fast charging, dynamic pricing, multiple payment options.
  • Future Plans: Expansion to other locations, including PLUS in Schoonebeek.

PowerGo installed a fast charger with an integrated battery system to mitigate the strain on the Dutch electricity grid. This innovative solution temporarily stores energy, which can be used later, relieving the grid during peak times and ensuring availability for future charging sessions. Typically, setting up connections for fast chargers can take between one and two years, but with this smart system, PowerGo managed to commission the Klazienaveen location within a few months.

User-Friendly Charging Experience

PowerGo’s dynamic charging tariffs offer transparent pricing based on hourly electricity rates, encouraging customers to charge when more renewable energy is available. Users can access these dynamic prices through the PowerGo Charge app, ensuring cost-effective charging.

In addition to standard payment methods, such as apps and charge cards, PowerGo has installed a payment terminal next to the charger. This allows customers to pay using debit or credit cards, or even smartphones and smartwatches.

Each PLUS supermarket charging solution is tailored to its specific environment, considering factors like customer parking behavior and space availability. The fast chargers feature the recognizable branding of PLUS and are equipped with touchscreen displays for easy access to charging and payment information.

Ultra-Fast EV Charging at PLUS Supermarkets

Thomas Bosman, Process Manager Sustainable Real Estate at PLUS, emphasized their commitment to sustainability: “At PLUS, we are working on making our stores and distribution centers more sustainable with goals of energy savings, CO2 reduction, and responsible use of materials. Together with PowerGo, we help our customers reduce emissions by combining shopping and charging their car. The first fast charger is now live, and Schoonebeek will soon follow. We are pleased with the interest of our location owners to realize charging infrastructure at their stores.”

Paul Sieljes, Head of Operations at PowerGo, shared his enthusiasm: “We are proud that the first location went live so quickly. It’s a very good start to our partnership with PLUS. At PowerGo, customers charge with 100% renewable solar energy from solar parks of our parent company PowerField. We always look for the most efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly solution. These projects are another great example of that. We look forward to rolling out this sustainable fast-charging network together with PLUS, where we put the customer first.”

About PowerGo

PowerGo, a subsidiary of PowerField, specializes in providing fast, easy, and guaranteed green charging solutions. They are building a rapidly expanding international fast-charging network at various locations, ensuring that all charging points are powered by 100% solar energy from PowerField’s solar parks.

About PLUS

PLUS Retail aims to contribute positively to society by providing good food produced with respect for people, animals, and the environment. With approximately 400 stores nationwide, PLUS focuses on sustainability in partnership with customers, employees, and suppliers.

For more information, visit PowerGo and PLUS.

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