US Energy Secretary Visits ABTC Facilities

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U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm recently toured American Battery Technology Company’s (ABTC) facilities, showcasing their advancements in lithium-ion battery recycling and lithium hydroxide production from claystone. This visit highlighted ABTC’s innovative technologies and their role in establishing a closed-loop battery supply chain in the U.S.

Key Highlights:

  • Granholm’s Visit: Secretary Granholm toured ABTC’s lithium-ion battery recycling facility and their lithium hydroxide demonstration plant.
  • Technological Milestones: ABTC celebrated its first successful manufacturing of lithium hydroxide from Nevada-based claystone.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Several strategic partners and civic leaders participated in the tour, underscoring ABTC’s collaborative efforts.
  • Future Goals: ABTC aims to construct a commercial-scale lithium hydroxide refinery with support from a U.S. DOE grant.
US Energy Secretary Visits ABTC Facilities

“I’m very proud of our team for constructing and commissioning ahead of schedule our multi-tonne per day demonstration system for the manufacturing of battery grade lithium hydroxide from our own Nevada-based sedimentary claystone resource,” stated ABTC CEO Ryan Melsert.

During the visit, Secretary Granholm reviewed ABTC’s progress on scaling this technology to a commercial scale with additional support from the U.S. DOE. The tour included ABTC’s lithium hydroxide from claystone demonstration facility and its lithium-ion battery recycling plant.

Lithium Hydroxide Demonstration Facility:

The demonstration facility showcases ABTC’s integrated process for accessing lithium in unconventional U.S. deposits like sedimentary claystone. This process produces low-cost, environmentally friendly lithium hydroxide monohydrate, crucial for high energy density battery cathode manufacturing.

With the facility now operational, ABTC plans to build a commercial-scale 30,000 tonnes lithium hydroxide per year refinery at its Tonopah Flats Lithium Project. In October 2022, ABTC received a $57.5 million grant from the U.S. DOE for this project and engaged Black & Veatch for its construction.

Battery Recycling Operations:

Secretary Granholm also toured ABTC’s commercial lithium-ion battery recycling operations. The recycling facility uses a first-of-kind de-manufacturing approach combined with a targeted hydrometallurgical process. This system processes various lithium-ion batteries and manufacturing scrap, producing battery-grade materials.

Several strategic partners and civic leaders joined the tour, including representatives from the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development, University of Nevada, Reno, Black & Veatch, and others.

DOE Investments in ABTC:

ABTC has been selected for multiple DOE grants supporting both lithium-ion battery recycling and lithium hydroxide production:

  • October 2021: $2 million project for battery recycling supported by USABC and US DOE.
  • November 2022: $20 million project to enhance recycling processes.
  • March 2024: $60 million in tax credits for capital expenditures and a new recycling facility.
  • October 2021: $4.5 million project for lithium hydroxide production from claystone.
  • October 2022: $115 million project for a commercial-scale lithium hydroxide refinery.

About ABTC:

Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, American Battery Technology Company pioneers technologies for domestically manufacturing and recycling battery metals, supporting the electric vehicle, stationary storage, and consumer electronics industries. Committed to a circular supply chain, ABTC continuously innovates to power the transition to sustainable energy.

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