Volkswagen Group Advances Strategic Realignment in the Charging and Energy Business Under New Leadership

What’s Happening

The Volkswagen Group is accelerating the strategic realignment of its charging and energy division, with newly appointed Giovanni Palazzo at the helm. As Head of Charging and Energy since July 1, Palazzo also spearheads the Elli brand as CEO and Head of Sales. His core focus lies in expanding the fast-charging network and evolving Volkswagen’s proprietary smart energy platform. The enhanced collaboration between Elli and Electrify America is expected to catalyze new business models and strategies on a global scale.

Why It Matters

The restructuring of Volkswagen’s charging and energy division underscores the importance of innovative solutions in load management, energy market optimization, and energy trading. Palazzo, who brings valuable experience from the North American market as the former CEO of Electrify America, plans to introduce the first intelligent charging management services for fleet customers by 2024. This move is part of a broader push to verticalize the energy management business, and is expected to be a significant revenue driver in the future.

Key Points

Volkswagen, already operating the largest open charging network in the US through Electrify America, aims to construct over 43,000 fast-charging points in Europe, China, and North America by 2025. In North America, Electrify America seeks to double the fast-charging network to 8,000 charging points. The group also offers access to more than 500,000 charging points via the Elli brand in Europe. Additionally, in China, the CAMS joint venture is projected to install 17,000 fast-charging points by 2025.

Bottom Line

Volkswagen Group’s decisive commitment to the strategic realignment of its charging and energy business, under Giovanni Palazzo’s leadership, marks a pivotal point in its mission towards electric mobility. This move is not only expected to shape the landscape of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, but also solidifies Volkswagen’s role in advancing the energy transition, further positioning the company as a driving force in the future of sustainable mobility.


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