Volta Trucks Advances Market Launch in Sweden Amid Growing Demand

What’s Happening

Leading all-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer and service provider, Volta Trucks, has announced plans to speed up its market launch in Sweden. The decision to fast-track this initiative comes in response to an overwhelming surge in customer interest.

Why It Matters

Volta Trucks will now roll out its vehicles on Swedish roads by mid-2023, significantly earlier than the originally planned 2024 release. This accelerated timeline reflects a heightened demand and rapidly growing interest from customers in Scandinavia, a region known for its commitment to environmental sustainability and clean energy.

Key Points

The company’s 16 and 18-tonne all-electric Volta Zero models are ideally suited for the Scandinavian city transport sector, where Medium Duty trucks dominate the urban freight landscape. These vehicles are commonly utilized in larger cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

Volta Zero is designed with a focus on urban safety for both the driver and pedestrians. The truck’s unique design places the driver in a central, low seating position within a glass house-style cab, offering a wide 220-degree direct vision. Coupled with advanced camera technology, this provides maximum visibility around the entire vehicle. Furthermore, sliding doors on both sides of the cabin and a low cabin design facilitate easy, safe entry and exit for the driver.

Bottom Line

Carl-Magnus Norden, Swedish Founder of Volta Trucks, underlined Sweden’s rich heritage in producing high-quality commercial vehicles. He emphasized the company’s commitment to designing purpose-built, all-electric vehicles with zero tailpipe emissions, such as the Volta Zero, for urban transport. These vehicles are created with safety and sustainability at their core.

CEO of Volta Trucks, Essa Al-Saleh, confirmed ongoing discussions with several large Swedish transport providers. The objective is to provide these potential customers with vehicles from their customer experience fleet by mid-2023. This approach will enable customers to fully test the all-electric Volta Zero on local roads and evaluate how Volta Trucks’ unique Truck as a Service (TaaS) offering integrates into their existing fleet and operations.


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