Voltera Joins Global Association to Advance Interoperability of EV Charging Standards

HERNDON, VA – Voltera, a company that specializes in providing turnkey electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities for clients, has announced that it has joined CharIN, a global association of 290 members focused on interoperability of EV charging standards. As a member of the association, Voltera will share its best practices and insights on charging depot construction with customers across North America, to improve EV charging equipment and related software, particularly in the commercial fleet sector.

“CharIN is a technical association driving the right kind of progress in the charging industry,” said Jyoti Jain, head of product and engineering at Voltera. “We applaud CharIN’s rigorous attention to compatibility testing, which is a key element to hassle-free EV charging experiences, and we believe Voltera will be a valuable contributor to CharIN as we help the industry advance and scale.”

As a turnkey solution provider, Voltera enables businesses to quickly expand their EV fleets without the need for significant upfront investments in EV chargers, hardware, and related infrastructure. The company manages site acquisition, power procurement, facility design and construction, charging hardware and software deployment, operations, and maintenance for its customers, shouldering the capital investment expenses so that businesses can focus on their operations. Voltera has billions of dollars of capital backing, which will fund construction and operation of EV charging facilities serving many types of businesses, including the drayage, regional haul, short haul, last-mile delivery, ride-hailing, and autonomous transportation sectors.

“We install a variety of charging solutions at scale for our clients, and so interoperability and compatibility are absolutely essential, especially as new vehicles and charging solutions enter the market,” said Matt Horton, CEO of Voltera. “Our engagement with CharIN strengthens our ties to the EVSE manufacturers and software providers to ensure interoperability, which brings additional value to our customers as we build their charging facilities.”


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