Voltera’s $150M ZEV Expansion Plan

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Voltera has announced a significant expansion in its zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) charging infrastructure, with plans to double its portfolio in 2024. The company, a pioneer in developing, owning, and operating ZEV charging and refueling sites, has invested approximately $150 million into 21 sites, enhancing over 115 megawatts (MW) of charging capacity for ZEV fleets across the United States.

Supported by infrastructure investor EQT, Voltera‘s aggressive growth strategy includes acquiring 19 new development sites since its inception in August 2022. These initial locations span key regions, including California, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, and Florida. The company’s approach to site development prioritizes strategic location and design to meet the diverse needs of commercial fleets, from drayage and mail delivery to rideshare services.

Hannah Jacobus, Vice President of Real Estate and Development at Voltera, emphasized the importance of scalable charging solutions. “Scaling access to charging and refueling depots is critical to enable fleet electrification at scale, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all equation,” Jacobus stated. The company’s expertise in navigating the complexities of zoning, permitting, and interconnection requirements has proven essential in overcoming frequent challenges in prime real estate acquisition for ZEV infrastructure.

Tom Ashley, Vice President of Government and Utility Relations at Voltera, highlighted the necessity of both public and private investment in expanding ZEV charging infrastructure. “Our real estate investments and close partnerships with key government and utility stakeholders strengthen our ability to develop impactful projects,” Ashley remarked. These efforts are crucial for fleets to comply with evolving state and federal emissions regulations and for communities to reap the benefits of transportation electrification.

EQT Partner Jan Vesely noted Voltera’s rapid growth and its role in the energy transition. “The energy transition is one of the most significant challenges society faces today,” Vesely said. Voltera’s model offers a hassle-free solution for companies looking to transition their fleets to ZEVs, aligning with EQT’s investment strategy to support sustainable growth and market leadership in decarbonizing transport.

About Voltera: Focused on enabling a carbon-free future, Voltera develops, owns, and operates infrastructure critical for ZEVs, addressing the challenges faced by fleets, OEMs, and branded networks in transitioning to and scaling ZEV operations. For more information, visit volterapower.com.

About EQT: A global investment organization with EUR 232 billion in assets under management, EQT supports its portfolio companies across various geographies in achieving sustainable growth and operational excellence.

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