Volvo EX30: Compact Electric SUV with Cutting-Edge Safety Features Set to Transform Urban Commute

What’s Happening

The upcoming all-electric Volvo EX30 is an emblem of the company’s long-standing dedication to safety. Although being Volvo’s most compact SUV yet, the EX30 ensures superior security for its users and bystanders in bustling urban settings.

Why It Matters

Dooring accidents, where car doors unintentionally open into cyclists’ paths, account for a significant portion of cycling accidents in many cities. Reports suggest that such incidents lead to approximately 60 casualties or severe injuries per year in the UK alone. By incorporating features such as a door opening alert, Volvo’s EX30 aims to alleviate these numbers.

Key Points

The Volvo EX30, poised to be a city-friendly SUV, incorporates Volvo’s Safe Space Technology, designed specifically for dense urban environments. The door opening alert, a component of this technology, uses visual and auditory signals to warn users about the potential hazards of opening car doors in traffic.

Åsa Haglund, Head of Volvo’s Safety Centre, articulates the company’s emphasis on urban safety. According to her, the EX30 signifies an upgrade in city safety, combining comfortable driving and safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

The compact EX30 SUV maintains Volvo’s high safety standards through advanced protective technology. It leverages cutting-edge restraint technology and a structural design meeting Volvo’s stringent safety requirements. The EX30 SUV incorporates high-strength steel for chassis and safety cage construction, focusing on battery integrity. Additionally, a far-side airbag in the driver’s seat helps reduce injuries during a side impact.

The EX30 also includes an advanced driver alert system to monitor drivers’ attentiveness. Furthermore, its intersection auto brake feature can potentially prevent accidents at intersections by automatically halting the vehicle when another car crosses its path abruptly.

Bottom Line

The all-electric Volvo EX30 SUV, despite its small size, prioritizes safety and embraces state-of-the-art protective technology. Scheduled to make its global debut on 7th June, the vehicle will be available for order or pre-order in selected markets on the same day. This compact SUV, with its advanced active safety features and driver support systems, illustrates Volvo’s continued commitment to safety and innovation. The new EX30 is not just another vehicle but a testament to Volvo’s promise of creating a safer and more environmentally friendly future.


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