WAE Technologies Introduces Elysia, the Revolutionary Battery Intelligence Software

What’s Happening: WAE Technologies has launched Elysia, a cutting-edge battery intelligence software designed to significantly enhance the life, safety, usable energy, power, and rapid charging capabilities of any battery system. Elysia will offer unprecedented battery insight, management, and optimization to various industries, including automotive, commercial vehicles, e-mobility, and stationary energy storage.

Why It Matters: As the demand for electric vehicles and sustainable energy solutions grows, the ability to optimize battery performance and lifespan is crucial. Elysia’s unique capabilities could revolutionize the electric vehicle and battery industry by offering improved insights, control, and performance across the battery’s entire lifecycle.

Key Points:

  • Elysia is based on WAE Technologies’ extensive experience in high-performance batteries, including motorsport and electric hypercar applications.
  • The software comprises two core products: Elysia Embedded and Elysia Cloud Platform.
  • Elysia Embedded offers state-of-the-art battery management algorithms, running locally on the Battery Management System (BMS). It helps increase vehicle range, enable faster charging, and maximize battery power without compromising safety or battery life.
  • Elysia Cloud Platform is a cloud-based system using proprietary digital twin technology, providing OEMs, fleet owners, and battery asset financiers with valuable insights, forecasting, and battery life enhancement capabilities.
  • Elysia combines AI, data science, and electrochemical modeling expertise, backed by real-world battery engineering and development experience.

Bottom Line: Elysia represents a significant step forward in battery intelligence and optimization, offering a wide range of industries the ability to unlock the full potential of their battery systems. With its unique capabilities, Elysia will provide unprecedented transparency, performance enhancement, and safety improvements for electric vehicles and battery systems worldwide.


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