Wallbox Achieves Major EV Charging Milestones

Wallbox, a renowned global electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management solutions provider, has proudly unveiled two significant business achievements. The company has surpassed the sale of 500,000 EV chargers globally and has amassed over one million users on its software platforms.

Why It Matters These milestones underscore Wallbox’s growing influence in the EV charging sector and its commitment to advancing the energy transition. As the adoption of electric vehicles accelerates, the demand for reliable and efficient charging solutions becomes paramount. Wallbox’s achievements highlight its position as a trusted partner in this evolving landscape.

Key Points

  • The sales milestone encompasses Wallbox’s diverse range of smart EV chargers, catering to home, semi-public, and public charging needs.
  • The company’s DC fast charger, Supernova, is set to debut in North America later this year.
  • Wallbox is gearing up to introduce comprehensive solutions for multi-user, commercial, and fleet verticals in Europe, which includes the previously announced Orion charger and a new fleet management platform.
  • Over one million users are registered across Wallbox’s software platforms: myWallbox and Electromaps. MyWallbox offers users enhanced energy management capabilities, while Electromaps connects EV drivers to over 365,000 public charging points in Europe.

Bottom Line In a span of just six years, Wallbox has facilitated 45 million charging sessions, managing a staggering 681 GWh of energy. To put this into perspective, this energy could power vehicles for over 4 billion km, equivalent to nearly ten round trips to Mars. Enric Asuncion, CEO and co-founder of Wallbox, emphasized the vast potential of EV charging, noting that Wallbox has only tapped into 3% of the chargers required to meet global energy transition targets. He stated, “These milestones are testament to the quality of our hardware and software products and our ability to offer solutions that empower people to adopt and benefit from electric mobility.” The company’s recent product launches and collaborations, including partnerships with brands like Costco, further solidify its position as a leader in the EV charging domain.


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