Wallbox Achieves Milestone of 1,000 Supernova DC Fast Charger Sales Worldwide

What’s Happening

Wallbox, a global frontrunner in electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management systems, proudly revealed it has surpassed the critical benchmark of 1,000 sales of its industry-acclaimed Supernova DC fast chargers.

Why It Matters

This announcement, just a year after the Supernova DC fast charger’s debut, underscores the swift international acceptance of Wallbox’s groundbreaking technology. This technology enhances dependability and affords a flexible power upgrade route, propelling the company to trusted partnerships with prominent global organizations, including Iberdrola, BeCharge, Atlante, and Osprey.

Key Points

The Supernova DC fast charger’s quick ascendancy is a testament to Wallbox’s ingenuity and dedication to customer satisfaction. Enric Asunción, co-founder and CEO of Wallbox, shared, “In slightly over a year, we’ve accomplished what most companies require three or four years to achieve. Our innovative DC fast charger has swiftly become a market-leading platform, attracting over 12,000 unit commitments from our customers.” Asunción added, “Our focus on providing a dependable, economical, and adaptable solution to a complex problem has been pivotal in reaching this milestone. As we continue to expand into the North American market later this year, our enthusiasm only grows.”

Bottom Line

The Supernova DC fast charger, Wallbox’s state-of-the-art solution, has been designed in response to the industry’s demand for reliable, efficient public charging that caters to EV drivers and charge point operators alike. The latest model, Supernova 180, is tailored specifically for the North American market, supporting up to 180 kW of charging speed. Furthermore, Supernova’s unique modular design allows multiple EVs to be charged concurrently with split-charge configurations, universal interoperability with all vehicle makes, models, and charging standards, as well as unlimited custom branding options. With its smaller footprint, Supernova facilitates a quicker network scale, providing fast charging access in constrained areas such as gas stations, high power charge hubs, car dealerships, and shopping centers.


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