Wattif EV Sets Out to Lead UK Destination Charging Network by 2030

Telford/Bergen – Wattif EV, a Norwegian electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure start-up, has set out its plans to play a leading role in the UK network for destination chargers by 2030. The company recently installed its first charging points in the UK and secured a €50 million investment.

Wattif EV aims to accelerate the electrification of the UK parking network by establishing destination charge points where people park, instead of forcing EV drivers to park where they can charge. The company provides hassle-free access to charging infrastructure while offering finance models to the car parks’ landlord or owner, allowing them to benefit from a share of net revenue. Wattif EV offers a win-win solution for both those hosting the charging network and those using it.

In late-2022, Wattif EV switched on its first UK charge points in Cambridge, with more locations to follow in Leeds and Scotland. The company is in discussions to expand rapidly, with contract negotiations underway that could result in thousands of Wattif EV-managed stations within the next 18 months.

AMPECO, a technology provider to Wattif EV, recently raised $16 million in venture capital investment after closing a Series A funding round of $13 million in January 2023. The investment, led by BMW i Ventures, will provide long-term and sustainable service provision for its charging network as it looks to strengthen its position in the UK market.

The company celebrated a €50 million investment from Luxembourg-based Marguerite at its recent European Management Conference. The agreement represents further investment in the company, underlining its growth potential as it targets plans to become one of Europe’s and the UK’s leading providers of EV destination chargers.

Robert Svendsen, Wattif EV CEO, stated that significant European investments in the company show that its UK expansion is built on solid foundations and will be an integral part of its plans to establish a leading European-wide network of EV destination chargers. He added that business must lead the charge in hitting the UK’s 2030 EV targets and that Wattif EV is ideally placed to play a critical role in this ambition.


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