Webasto ChargeConnect: EV Charging Simplified

Webasto Charging Systems Inc., a subsidiary of the globally recognized Webasto Group, unveiled its newest digital tools for North American customers: the Webasto ChargeConnect™ App and Web Portal. Designed to work seamlessly with the Webasto TurboConnect™ Charging Station, these innovations promise to revolutionize mobile electric vehicle (EV) charging management for a wide array of users, from fleet supervisors to property owners.

Michael Schoenberger, Vice President of Research and Development at Webasto Charging Systems, highlighted the impact of these new offerings: “The Webasto ChargeConnect App and Web Portal provide a real-time charging solution to a diverse range of users,” he noted. “The ChargeConnect platform enables efficient and demand-optimized charging while empowering users to manage complex multi-charging sessions, access data history, and control energy consumption remotely.”

The Webasto ChargeConnect App stands out as an indispensable tool for mobile access to the TurboConnect charging station. It supports a variety of critical functions such as status monitoring, user management, and remote maintenance, all accessible from anywhere, at any time. This flexibility is further enhanced by a customizable subscription plan, allowing users to adjust features to meet their specific needs.

Key benefits of the TurboConnect charging station include its integration with the internet, availability around the clock, and the provision of regular over-the-air updates that meet the highest standards of cybersecurity. Together, the ChargeConnect App and TurboConnect Charging Station offer an unmatched level of convenience, control, and security for EV charging.

For administrators, the Webasto ChargeConnect Web Portal provides an extensive toolset for managing multiple charging stations with ease. Its features encompass everything from detailed charging session analytics to comprehensive system management capabilities, ensuring efficient operation and maintenance of charging infrastructure.

The Webasto ChargeConnect App is available for download across all major app stores, ensuring wide accessibility for users seeking a more streamlined and efficient EV charging experience.

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