Webasto Launches NACS Connector for North American EVs

What’s Happening

Webasto Charging Systems, Inc., an influential subsidiary of the Webasto Group, has revealed its plan to roll out the NACS (North American Charging Standard) connector for its extensive suite of charging solutions. As a leading automotive industry supplier, the company’s move to incorporate the NACS connector demonstrates its commitment to advancing electric vehicle (EV) adoption by offering seamless charging experiences for all EV drivers.

Why It Matters

This introduction comes ahead of many major automakers’ transition to the NACS standard. Webasto’s proactive development of a mobile cordset with the NACS connector showcases its dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends. This forward-thinking approach ensures that both OEM customers and consumers have access to one of the largest charging infrastructure networks in the U.S.

Key Points

  • Webasto Charging Systems has been instrumental in supporting diverse connector types worldwide, including J1772 Type 1 (North America and Japan), Mennekes Type 2 (Europe), and GB/T (China).
  • The integration of the NACS connector into its product lineup reinforces the company’s commitment to evolving with the North American EV market.
  • Webasto’s comprehensive suite of charging solutions for the U.S. market includes Level 1 and 2 AC chargers, the Webasto Go™ mobile charger, the connected TurboConnect™ wallbox, and the cost-effective TurboDX 2.0 Plug-In charger.
  • All these charging solutions will soon feature the NACS connector option, furthering customer flexibility and convenience.

Bottom Line

By partnering with Webasto Charging Systems, OEM automakers can efficiently transition to the NACS standard, creating a seamless user experience for their customers. Webasto continues to prioritize customer satisfaction and interoperability, fostering a robust charging ecosystem that supports effortless and efficient EV charging. The inclusion of diverse connector options underlines Webasto’s unwavering dedication to pushing the envelope in EV adoption and promoting a sustainable future. As such, Webasto’s commitment to innovation and customer-focused solutions consolidates its standing as an industry leader in the automotive sector.


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