XCMG’s Eco Crane Delivered

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On January 12, 2024, XCMG Group, China’s premier construction machinery maker, announced the groundbreaking delivery of the world’s inaugural 60-ton hybrid mobile crane, the XCA60_EV, to Wagenborg Nedlift, setting a new standard in eco-friendly construction technologies. This addition positions Wagenborg Nedlift as a pioneer in offering zero-emission lifting solutions on a global scale.

The XCA60_EV, blending innovative hybrid technology with robust lifting capabilities, marks a significant stride toward sustainable construction practices. Scheduled to make its European debut in the spring and operational by summer, this crane underscores a shift towards greener construction methodologies.

Wagenborg Nedlift’s quest for a sustainable crane that could lift up to 60 tons was answered by XCMG’s XCA60_EV. “XCMG had already released a small, fully hybrid 25-ton crane at the time. We were looking for such a crane, but with a weight of 60 tons, capable of meeting all the requirements of the European market,” said Gerard Bastiaansen, Wagenborg Nedlift’s managing director.

Throughout 2023, Wagenborg conducted extensive evaluations of the hybrid crane, with Brian Geerdink playing a key role in this process. His insights were crucial in refining the crane to its version 2.0, ensuring it met the rigorous demands of the European market. “This is a truly luxurious crane that can be used anywhere,” Geerdink noted, praising its quiet operation and the positive feedback from site workers regarding its minimal noise pollution.

Achieving compliance with Western European standards, the XCA60_EV has earned CE certification and recognition from the TCVT. It is set for RDW inspection, affirming its adherence to strict regulatory frameworks. “Through our collaboration with XCMG, we now have a top-tier crane that complies with all legal regulations and fulfills our own desires,” stated Jan-Ebe Boerema, regional manager for Wagenborg Nedlift.

This pioneering move not only enhances Wagenborg Nedlift’s fleet but also propels the construction industry towards a more sustainable future, blending performance with environmental stewardship.

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