XPENG Initiates European Deliveries, Debuts at IAA Mobility

XPeng Motors, a leading Chinese smart electric vehicle (Smart EV) company, has formally commenced deliveries of its P7 sports sedan in four essential European markets. Simultaneously, the company will make its debut appearance at the IAA Mobility 2023 event in Munich, Germany, where it will participate in a multi-day program and outdoor exhibition.

Why It Matters

The European launch and IAA Mobility participation underscore XPENG’s commitment to becoming a global Smart EV player. As climate change continues to be a pressing issue, the company’s state-of-the-art electric vehicles offer a sustainable alternative for European consumers. This launch represents a significant step in expanding the brand’s footprint beyond its home market of China, signaling its global ambitions.

Key Points

  • Product Launch: XPENG’s G9 SUV and P7 sports sedan were unveiled in Europe in February, garnering positive feedback and increasing brand excitement.
  • Performance Metrics: During the El-Prix 2023 test by NAF (Norwegian Automobile Federation) and Motor EV, XPENG G9 set a new record by reaching peak charging power of 319 kW, and an average charging power of 212 kW, allowing 100 km of range to be charged in just five minutes. Both G9 and P7 models led in range tests, showing an increase of 13% and 10% in their real-world range compared to the WLTP stated range.
  • Comfort and Design: The P7 sports sedan is designed with a spacious interior and is wrapped in a sleek exterior that embodies XPENG’s Dynamic Aesthetics design language.
  • Delivery Locations: The first batches of P7 have been delivered to XPENG’s centers in Lørenskog, Norway; Järfälla, Sweden; Hillerød, Denmark; and Badhoevedorp, The Netherlands.
  • Customer Service: XPENG offers an eight-year battery warranty and a seven-year/160,000 km extended warranty for all 2023 orders, demonstrating the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

Bottom Line

XPENG’s initiation of P7 deliveries in Europe and participation in IAA Mobility 2023 indicate a pivotal moment in the company’s global expansion strategy. These moves are essential for building brand awareness in the European market and highlight XPENG’s growing capabilities and commitment to delivering high-quality, sustainable electric vehicles worldwide. As the electric vehicle market matures, XPENG is positioning itself as a competitive player in the global EV landscape.


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