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XPeng P5 customers to enjoy free charging, further popularizing smart EV

SHANGHAI – XPeng Motors exhibited and kicked off pre-orders for its third production model, the XPeng P5, the world’s first production smart EV equipped with automotive-grade LiDAR technology.

Showcased at the 2021 International Automotive Exhibition in Shanghai today, the P5 family-friendly sedan joins XPeng’s P7 sports sedan and G3 compact SUV to offer a full suite of mobility solutions to customers in China. The P5 builds on the previous models not only in its best-in-class autonomous driving functionality, but also in its third generation tech-enabled smart cockpit features, envisioning the car as a third living space to complement home space and work space.

“We persist in exploring because we are convinced that technology will enrich our lifestyles and bring about a great mobility transformation,” Chairman and CEO Mr. He Xiaopeng said at the press conference. “We believe in the future of autonomous driving, and remain committed to it. Transportation has immense influence on our daily lives and technology is empowering our life choices and propelling a fundamental revolution in mobility.”

NGP autonomous driving – from highways to cities

The P5 will bring Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) capabilities to city roads for the first time in a production vehicle, powered by XPeng’s full-stack in-house developed autonomous driving system XPILOT 3.5 – the strongest autonomous driving architecture in its class. The new architecture comprises 32 perception sensors (including 2 LiDAR units, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 5 millimeter-wave radars, and 13 high-definition cameras) and 1 high-precision positioning unit (GNSS + IMU), integrated into 360° dual-perception fusion to handle challenging and complex road conditions.

With its double-prism LiDAR units, the P5 can distinguish pedestrians, cyclists and scooters, static obstacles, and road works, and extend the NGP function from highways to city driving, dealing with cutting-in, automatic following and speed limit optimization on urban roads, traffic lights and small objects.

“The P5 realizes our vision of navigation-assisted autonomous driving, aiming to liberate the driver’s concentration and effort from the drudgery of manual driving,” Chairman He continued. “We seek to enable autonomous driving in all weathers and in the most challenging driving conditions.”

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Third generation cockpit, third space

This third generation smart EV also brings to customers a 3rd generation cockpit with a new level of rich and customizable features – a third space extension to home and office, enabled by all-voice assistance and powerful connectivity. The P5’s Xmart OS 3.0, the latest generation of XPeng’s in-car operation system, supports full-scenario all-voice interaction. The P5 is also the first vehicle in its class to deploy Qualcomm’s Snapdragon flagship SA8155P auto-grade computing platform, 3 times more powerful than the previous generation.

The P5’s interior space is the largest among A+ category sedans. Pioneering the third-generation smart cockpit, the P5 boasts fully-reclining front seat design, optimizing interior space to create a comfortable sleep mode. For a private screening experience, cinema mode is also available through the optional full-width projection screen, with karaoke and multimedia entertainment options. Additional comfort and lifestyle features include a capacious 18L refrigerator, and full 220v power for accessories and third-party devices.

P5 delivery expected 4Q 2021

XPeng P5 is expected to start delivery in the fourth quarter of 2021 with reservations starting on 19 April. Early bird customers will be entitled for lifetime free charging and supercharging services.

The P5 will bring a whole new level of lifestyle experience for our customers in conjunction with a whole range of new possibilities in mobility.

Traveler X1 flying vehicle, a future mobility pioneer

Also showcased at the Shanghai Auto Show is the Traveler X1, the latest innovation in personal manned flying vehicle by the XPeng Heitech brand. In its eight years of development, the airborne vehicle technology has already gone through four technical iterations of three models, accumulating over 15,000 safe manned flights. It takes XPeng’s commitment to expanding the boundaries of mobility into a new dimension.

The Traveler X1 is currently intended mainly for scenarios such as personal aerial flights, emergency rescue, and aerial sightseeing. Energized by its commitment to innovation and intelligence-led development, XPeng will continue to explore new possibilities in mobility, and to expand the range of transportation possibilities in multiple dimensions.

“Our multi-dimensional approach to innovation demonstrates our readiness to break the traditional limits of driving and transportation, and create new solutions,” Chairman He concluded. “Our new generation of intelligent vehicles and our superlative intelligent driving architecture are the bases for the next cycle of innovation, promising even more exciting developments ahead.”


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