ABB E-Mobility Earns First CTEP and NTEP Fast Charger Certifications

What’s Happening

ABB E-Mobility, a leading manufacturer of fast-charging EV technology, has become the first manufacturer to secure both the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) and the California Type Evaluation Program (CTEP) certifications for Direct Current (DC) fast chargers. These certifications encompass the company’s acclaimed Terra 124 and Terra 184 chargers designed to cater to public charging needs for light-duty vehicles and fleets across the U.S.

Why It Matters

Such certifications are increasingly becoming a requirement in several states, including California, in order to ensure pricing accuracy and transparency for Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers throughout the U.S. This essentially standardizes the user experience and fortifies trust among EV users in the charging infrastructure. As part of the CTEP and NTEP programs, chargers that sell electricity to EVs must clearly indicate the quantity of electricity dispensed, the per unit price, and the total cost.

Key Points

  • ABB E-Mobility has also secured CTEP certification for the Terra AC Wallbox in 40 A and 80 A configurations, ideal for commercial and fleet applications.
  • The company has collaborated with Chargelab, a software partner, to fulfill the software compliance requirements for this CTEP certified AC charging solution.
  • ABB E-Mobility’s Build America, Buy America compliant chargers, manufactured at its Columbia, South Carolina facility, meet the metering stipulations set by these programs.
  • The Terra 184 charger supports NEVI charging programs by meeting hardware standards, connectivity demands, and service requirements that ensure 97% uptime.
  • ABB E-Mobility has commenced production earlier this year and has already installed Terra 184 DC fast chargers along American highways.

Bottom Line

These industry-first DC fast charging certifications highlight ABB E-Mobility’s commitment to a robust and reliable charging infrastructure, fostering a positive customer experience in the blossoming e-mobility industry. To bolster industry education, the company has published a guide detailing the U.S. metering certification programs’ requirements for dispensing electricity via EV charging supply equipment. This guide forms part of ABB E-Mobility’s NEVI Toolkit and sheds light on the procedures across different U.S. states and territories.


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