Blink Charging Wins Utah State Contract

Blink Charging Co., a leading global electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment and services provider, has been recognized as a State Contract Awardee by the Utah Division of Purchasing. This prestigious contract, known as the “Blink Utah State Contract”, positions Blink as a preferred choice for government, non-profit, K-12, and higher education agencies in Utah to equip their establishments with the necessary infrastructure to cater to the rising demand for EV charging.

Why It Matters

The recognition of Blink by the State of Utah simplifies the procurement process for public agencies, facilitating them to build robust EV infrastructure. A testament to this is the adoption by the Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC International), which, upon leveraging the Blink Utah State Contract, successfully installed ten Blink Series 7, 48-amp Level 2 chargers.

Key Points

  • Blink’s Selection by SLC International: Through the Blink Utah State Contract, SLC International has efficiently rolled out ten of Blink’s premier chargers.
  • Comprehensive Product Range: The contract showcases a variety of Blink products, including the Blink Series 7 and 8, along with the advanced line of DC Fast Chargers.
  • Blink Network Advancements: Blink’s chargers are integrated with its revamped Blink Network host portal, allowing users to effortlessly manage their chargers, tailor charge rates, and oversee energy usage and charges.
  • Inclusive Service Options: The Blink Utah State Contract includes an exhaustive package with extended warranties, 24/7 customer support, diverse business model options, management software, and reporting tools. Agencies can adapt Blink’s versatile service offerings to match their requirements.

Bottom Line

Blink Charging’s latest milestone follows its Q2 2023 earnings report, marking its most successful quarter with revenues nearing $33 million. The company has also upped its 2023 revenue projection to $110 – $120 million, aiming for a positive adjusted EBITDA by December 2024. As the sole U.S. vertically integrated EV charging firm, Blink’s achievement underscores its commitment to both manufacturing top-tier charging equipment and managing a network of operational chargers.


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