BMW Advances Hydrogen Technology with iX5 Pilot Fleet Roll-out in the UK

In a significant step towards climate-neutral mobility, BMW’s pilot fleet of the innovative iX5 Hydrogen vehicles is set for real-world use. Explore this breakthrough in hydrogen fuel cell technology.

What’s Happening

BMW is entering the next phase of its hydrogen vehicle project, rolling out the iX5 Hydrogen pilot fleet in the UK. The fleet, comprising under 100 vehicles, is being deployed internationally for demonstration and trial purposes, providing the public with its first direct experience of the technology.

Why It Matters

With climate change posing significant challenges, hydrogen is emerging as a versatile energy source that can contribute to the energy transition process. As noted by Oliver Zipse, BMW AG’s Board Chairman, hydrogen’s potential as a renewable energy storage and transportation medium is pivotal for the transformation of the mobility sector, ultimately aiding in climate protection.

Key Points

The iX5 Hydrogen, developed from the BMW X5 platform, debuted as a concept in 2019 at the IAA show. The vehicle employs a fuel cell system demonstrating BMW Group’s cutting-edge development expertise in electric drive technologies. It was first made available to the public at IAA Mobility 2021.

Fuel cells, sourced from Toyota Motor Corporation under a longstanding partnership, form a central part of the iX5 Hydrogen’s technology. These cells are assembled into a fuel cell stack, a process that includes meticulous inspection, machine compression, and casing. Final assembly entails a voltage test and thorough inspection of the chemical reactions within the cells. The finished fuel cell system integrates with a highly efficient drive unit using BMW’s fifth-generation eDrive technology, achieving an overall output of 295 kW / 401 hp.

The BMW iX5 Hydrogen is built in Munich at the BMW Group’s Research and Innovation Centre (FIZ), where around 900 people are involved in the development and production processes.

Bottom Line

With its efficient fuel cell system and fast re-fuelling times, the BMW iX5 Hydrogen paves the way towards a climate-neutral future in the automotive industry. The BMW Group’s commitment to achieving full climate neutrality across its value chain and significantly reducing CO2 emissions by 2030 underlines this goal. In light of global efforts for CO2-free mobility, the BMW iX5 Hydrogen represents a promising addition to battery-electric drive technology.


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