BMW Unveils Exclusive Models for Chinese Market

BMW has introduced two new models, the BMW 5 Series Sedan and the BMW i5, tailored exclusively for the Chinese automotive market. These vehicles, boasting an extended wheelbase and unique proportions, offer enhanced space and luxury, particularly in the rear seating area.

Why It Matters

China’s automotive market is significant, and tailoring vehicles to meet the specific preferences and requirements of Chinese consumers showcases BMW’s commitment to this market. The introduction of an all-electric model, the BMW i5, also underscores the brand’s dedication to sustainable mobility solutions.

BMW Unveils Exclusive Models for Chinese Market

Key Points

  • The new models are designed with the Chinese consumer in mind, featuring an extended wheelbase for added rear comfort.
  • The BMW 5 Series Sedan will be available with both combustion engines and an all-electric variant, the BMW i5.
  • The vehicles come equipped with the advanced BMW iDrive system featuring “QuickSelect”, a BMW Curved Display, and China-specific digital services.
  • Over 10 million BMW 5 Series vehicles have been produced since 1972, with 530,000 delivered to Chinese customers between 2020 to 2022.
  • Production of these new models will take place at the Dadong plant in Shenyang, operated by the joint venture BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd.
  • The exterior design of the vehicles combines BMW’s signature features with innovative elements tailored to the younger Chinese generation.
  • Interior features include the BMW Curved Display, Crafted Clarity glass applications, and the BMW Theatre Screen, offering a luxurious in-car experience.

Bottom Line

BMW continues to strengthen its presence in the Chinese market with the introduction of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan and the BMW i5. These vehicles, with their unique design elements and advanced technological features, are set to cater to the evolving preferences of Chinese consumers, further solidifying BMW’s position as a market leader in the premium upper mid-range vehicle segment.


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