Boliden and Volvo Trucks Collaborate on Battery-Electric Mining Trucks

What’s Happening: Swedish mining group Boliden has partnered with Volvo Trucks to introduce battery-electric vehicles for underground transport in its Kankberg mine. The collaboration aims to improve workplace safety, reduce emissions, and support Boliden’s commitment to cutting CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030.

Why It Matters: The mining industry is transitioning towards more sustainable production methods, and electrification of transport plays a crucial role in reducing the sector’s climate footprint. Battery-electric trucks offer numerous advantages, such as zero exhaust emissions, quieter operations, and a safer work environment.

Key Points:

  • Boliden will use two heavy, electric Volvo trucks in its Kankberg mine, which could potentially reduce the mine’s CO2 emissions by over 25% if all vehicles were electric.
  • The first Volvo FH Electric truck will be put into service in 2023, transporting rock bolts and equipment, followed by another Volvo FH Electric for underground transport of rock and ore.
  • The collaboration with Boliden will provide Volvo Trucks with valuable knowledge about electric trucks’ performance in underground conditions and the impact on drivelines and batteries.
  • Electric trucks are more energy-efficient than diesel engines and can capture electricity regenerated during engine braking on downhill slopes, resulting in lower overall energy consumption in the mine.

Bottom Line: Boliden and Volvo Trucks’ collaboration marks a significant step towards sustainable mining practices, as the introduction of battery-electric vehicles for underground transport promises to reduce emissions and improve working conditions. The partnership will also provide valuable insights into electric vehicle performance in challenging mining environments, contributing to the ongoing development of electric transportation technology.


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