BYD Drives into Europe: Building a Green EV Hub in Hungary

Chinese EV giant BYD is revving up its European engine with a brand-new factory in Hungary. This state-of-the-art facility, the first of its kind by a Chinese carmaker in Europe, marks a major step in BYD’s electrification push across the continent.

More than just EVs:

  • Thousands of local jobs: BYD’s commitment to Hungary extends beyond cars. The factory is expected to create thousands of jobs, boosting the local economy and revitalizing supply chains.
  • Advanced tech: Expect cutting-edge production processes and global technology, putting the Szeged facility at the forefront of EV manufacturing.
  • Green ecosystem: BYD’s expertise in vertical integration will foster a local “green ecosystem,” supporting sustainable practices and lowering environmental impact.

Hungary: A strategic choice:

  • Heart of Europe: Hungary’s central location, robust infrastructure, and established automotive industry make it an ideal hub for BYD’s European operations.
  • Proven track record: Premium European brands already trust Hungary for car production, further validating BYD’s decision.

Rapid European expansion:

  • Market presence: Just one year into its European passenger car journey, BYD boasts 230 stores across 19 countries and five new models spanning hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs.
  • Future growth: Three additional models are set to join the lineup within the next year, showcasing BYD’s commitment to rapid European expansion.

Driving a greener future:

  • Global vision: BYD’s “Cool the Earth by 1°C” vision fuels its European ambitions, aiming to accelerate EV adoption and promote a sustainable energy future.
  • Deepening globalization: This Hungarian venture strengthens BYD’s global footprint, solidifying its position as a leading EV player on the world stage.

More to come:

BYD remains tight-lipped about specific details of the factory, but one thing’s clear: this project marks a significant turning point for the EV landscape in Europe. Brace yourselves for a greener, BYD-powered future on European roads.


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