Canoo Expands Fleet With Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle 190

Canoo Technologies, an industry leader in advanced mobility, unveiled its latest offering: the Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle (LDV) 190. This addition pushes Canoo’s reach into the Class 2 electric cargo van segment, strengthening its diverse lineup.

Why It Matters

Tony Aquila, Chairman and CEO of Canoo, emphasized, “The LDV 190 is not merely an expansion but a reflection of our commitment to providing fleet owners with enhanced space, flexibility, and advanced technological performance, much like our acclaimed LDV 130.” Aquila further highlighted the company’s dedication to consistently introducing models that prioritize zero emissions, safety, reliability, and superior performance.

Key Points

  • Performance & Design:
    • LDV 190 is constructed on the Multi-Purpose Platform (MPP), akin to LDV 130.
    • It boasts an improved suspension system to support the higher payload of Class 2 vehicles.
    • Canoo’s patented steer-by-wire system ensures dynamic handling and performance.
    • Maintained wheelbase and low center of gravity guarantee consistent driving behavior, especially beneficial in urban settings.
  • Features & Configurations:
    • The LDV 190 introduces a patent-pending interchangeable rear cargo cartridge system.
    • Choices available: barn door, tambour door, and a split tailgate with a loading ramp.
    • Optional dual 50/50 barn doors offer easy cargo access with 270-degree hinges.
    • The cargo area spans 172 cubic feet, with additional space in the front cabin for the optional single seat version.
  • Lighting & Visibility:
    • Enhanced LED lighting facilitates visibility under all circumstances.
    • Optional translucent roof panels illuminate the cargo area with natural light.
    • Organizational tools include shelving systems, storage bins, and a 1000-pound capacity sliding cargo floor.
  • Position in Canoo Line-up: LDV 190 sits comfortably between the renowned LDV 130 and the upcoming larger Canoo MPDV. Notably, the LDV 190 stands out for its high cargo density, elevated safety features, driver comfort, and extended EV range in its category.

Bottom Line

As Canoo forges ahead, it’s not just about expanding the fleet. The company is set to reach a production milestone of 20,000 vehicles annually by 2023’s end, with new facilities sprouting in Oklahoma City for vehicle assembly and Pryor, OK, for battery production.


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