Canoo Teams Up with Prime Time Shuttle

Canoo Technologies, a notable player in advanced mobility, has secured a deal with Prime Time Shuttle, a Los Angeles-based luxury and airport transportation service. This partnership involves the acquisition of up to 550 electric vehicles (EVs) over a span of several years, marking a significant step in enhancing Prime Time Shuttle’s sustainable fleet.

Why It Matters

This collaboration is more than just a business transaction; it’s a strategic move towards a greener future. With the integration of Canoo’s Lifestyle Vehicle (LV) Premium models into its fleet, Prime Time Shuttle is not only expanding its luxury and airport transport services but is also reinforcing its commitment to sustainability. This shift towards electric vehicles is crucial in the broader context of environmental consciousness and the push for a zero-carbon economy.

Key Points

  • Collaboration Details: Prime Time Shuttle will add Canoo’s LV Premium model to its existing fleet, servicing the Los Angeles metropolitan area.
  • Prime Time Shuttle’s Legacy: With operations in 34 states and over 50 million customers since 1984, Prime Time Shuttle is a significant player in the transportation industry.
  • Future Expansion Plans: There are long-term goals to introduce Canoo’s electric vehicles in Prime Time Shuttle markets beyond California.
  • Canoo’s Vision: Led by Tony Aquila, Canoo is focused on fostering a zero-carbon economy and applauds California’s efforts towards zero emissions.
  • Strategic Significance: This deal is not only a business win for Canoo but also opens up a new market segment for them in the transportation industry.

Bottom Line

The partnership between Canoo Technologies and Prime Time Shuttle is a pivotal moment in the transportation sector, particularly in the luxury and airport shuttle niche. It signifies a conscious shift towards sustainable practices, aligning with the growing global emphasis on environmental responsibility. This collaboration not only sets a precedent for other companies in the industry but also highlights the increasing importance of eco-friendly transportation solutions in the modern world.


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