Carrar and Röchling Automotive Join Forces to Create Advanced Plastic Modules for EV Batteries

What’s Happening

Carrar, a pioneer in the development of battery thermal management solutions for electric vehicles (EVs), has recently announced its strategic partnership with Röchling Automotive, a leading global provider of specialized plastic solutions. The alliance seeks to develop and roll out innovative, lightweight plastic modules for EV batteries, signaling a breakthrough in the field of EV technology.

Why It Matters

This partnership marks a significant step forward in the pursuit of sustainable and safe EV battery solutions. The collaboration between Carrar and Röchling will result in a fully sealed module integrated with a two-phase immersion Thermal Management Solution. This module, characterized by its robustness and ease of implementation in mass production, promises to propel the automotive industry towards new horizons.

Key Points

Avinoam Rubinstain, CEO of Carrar, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with Röchling, acknowledging the latter’s extensive experience in producing innovative plastic solutions for the automotive industry, particularly battery components.

Meanwhile, Marco Barbolini, Global Product Manager at Röchling Automotive, emphasized the forward-thinking nature of the company. He noted Röchling’s continuous efforts to promote safety and sustainability in the electric vehicle industry and lauded the Carrar thermal management solution for preventing thermal runaway, thereby substantially enhancing battery safety in EVs.

Moreover, by keeping the battery temperature within the optimal range, Carrar’s solution allows batteries to last twice as long. This prolonging of battery lifespan will not only reduce battery production but also its associated environmental impact, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Bottom Line

Both companies’ combined battery modules conform to all European and American EV sustainability and safety standards, ensuring a broad market reach. These modules can be designed to fit any battery cell and accommodate every chemistry, demonstrating unparalleled flexibility and adaptability.

Carrar and Röchling Automotive will be attending the Battery Show in Stuttgart from May 23-25 to further showcase their groundbreaking collaboration. Visitors can find Röchling Automotive at booth # 8-E70 and Carrar at booth # 8-D70. This development exemplifies the companies’ commitment to advancing sustainable and innovative solutions in the EV industry, laying the groundwork for the future of electric mobility.


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