Chargie and Bell Partners Boost EV Charging Infrastructure

Chargie, a prominent electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions provider, has entered into a collaboration with Bell Partners, Inc., a top-tier apartment investment and management company in the U.S. This alliance aims to introduce a robust EV charging infrastructure at multifamily properties owned and supervised by Bell Partners, Inc. Consequently, Chargie has committed to the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of EV charging stations throughout Bell Partners’ apartment communities across the country.

Why It Matters

The shift towards electric vehicles has seen a significant uptick recently, fueled by the motivation to diminish carbon footprints and adopt eco-friendly transportation methods. Through this joint venture, Chargie and Bell Partners endeavor to speed up the electric mobility trend by broadening the availability of dependable and accessible EV charging stations.

Key Points

  • Most EV charging typically occurs at residences, but apartment dwellers often face challenges accessing reliable charging facilities.
  • Zach Jennings, Chargie’s CEO, emphasizes the initiative’s goal to make EV charging an integral part of the apartment living experience and promote wider EV adoption.
  • Chargie’s comprehensive solution encompasses site evaluations, design engineering, construction, and round-the-clock support for both drivers and property managers.
  • The Level 2 stations, integrated into this network, will offer Bell Partners’ residents load-managed charging, ensuring multiple vehicles can charge simultaneously without overloading the building’s electrical system.
  • Introducing EV charging stations complements Bell Partners’ environmental endeavors, including energy conservation, waste management, and water-saving initiatives.

Bottom Line

Bell Partners, through its COO Cindy Clare, articulates its dedication to fostering communities that residents take pride in. Collaborating with Chargie reinforces this commitment by enhancing resident amenities, endorsing sustainable lifestyles, and spearheading positive transformation throughout their property range. This partnership is poised to pave the way for innovative EV charging approaches across Bell Partners’ vast national property assets.


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