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Altilium, a pioneer in clean technology, announced a partnership with SYNETIQ and LV= Insurance, aiming to revolutionize electric vehicle (EV) battery recycling in the UK. This collaboration marks a significant step towards achieving a sustainable, circular economy by repurposing EV batteries from damaged vehicles, thereby conserving critical resources and enhancing environmental sustainability.

SYNETIQ, known for processing thousands of vehicles annually, will leverage its extensive network to supply Altilium with EV batteries from cars deemed beyond repair. These batteries, once considered waste, will find new life through Altilium’s advanced recycling technologies at their Devon technology center. Here, precious metals like lithium and nickel will be extracted and reused in new battery production, underscoring the venture’s commitment to environmental stewardship and resource efficiency.

Altilium stands out as the UK’s sole entity capable of reclaiming these essential battery metals, employing sophisticated hydrometallurgical processes to recover over 95% of battery metals. This innovation not only reduces carbon emissions by 50% compared to using new materials but also cuts costs by 20%, making EVs more affordable and accessible.

Tom Rumboll, CEO of SYNETIQ, emphasized the collaboration’s core focus on sustainability, reuse, and recycling, aiming for a fully circular economy in the UK’s EV sector. This effort is poised to significantly reduce CO2e emissions, highlighting a major advancement towards a greener future.

Rod Savage, from Altilium, highlighted the partnership’s role in minimizing the UK’s dependency on imported battery materials and promoting the adoption of EVs through environmentally friendly recycling technology. Martin Milliner of LV= Insurance underscored their responsibility in ensuring the sustainable disposal of EV batteries, praising the joint effort for its potential to diminish the environmental footprint of battery production.

The initiative is timely, as over 100 million EV batteries globally are expected to reach the end of their life in the next decade. By establishing a domestic recycling capacity, Altilium not only provides an eco-friendly disposal solution but also ensures that valuable resources are retained within the UK supply chain.

Altilium’s upcoming Teesside plant, poised to become one of Europe’s largest EV battery recycling facilities, symbolizes the ambition of this collaboration. Capable of recycling batteries from 150,000 EVs annually and producing 30,000 MT of critical battery materials, it promises to meet 20% of the UK’s demand by 2030. The partnership with SYNETIQ guarantees a consistent supply of materials, further solidifying the UK’s position in sustainable EV technology and circular economy practices.

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