Continental Expands Sensor Portfolio for EV Market with Innovative eRPS

What’s Happening: Continental, a technology company, has unveiled its latest innovation, the high-speed inductive e-motor Rotor Position Sensor (eRPS), which detects the exact position of the rotor in a synchronous electric machine for the fast-growing electric vehicle market. The eRPS increases efficiency, enables smoother operations, and supports compact motor designs with a small overall length.

Why It Matters: As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, Continental’s standardized eRPS technology offers a wide range of potential applications for electric vehicles, making it an attractive option for manufacturers. The compactness and precision of the eRPS make it an ideal choice for electric mobility, allowing for maximum motor efficiency, and supporting compact motor designs.

Key Points:

  • The eRPS is a standardized component for every motor regardless of the number of pole pairs and is more compact and 40% lighter in weight compared to existing resolver sensors.
  • The sensor’s operating temperature range is very wide, within -40 °C to 140 °C and peaks up to 155 °C, and it is designed to cover rotational speed requirements needed for future electric vehicle platforms (~24.000 rpm).
  • The eRPS was specially developed to control synchronous motors, which are essential for electric and hybrid vehicles, and will be required for future dry-brake systems.
  • The eRPS uses an eddy current principle and is optimized to increase robustness to mechanical tolerances.
  • The IC has been designed according to ISO 26262 functional safety automotive standards to reach ASIL C, and two ICs can be embedded in the eRPS to ensure redundancy for functional safety.
  • The eRPS is an extension of Continental’s sensor portfolio specifically designed for electromobility to support both road safety and electrification.

Bottom Line: With the launch of the eRPS, Continental is well-positioned to be one of the leading suppliers for electric motor position sensors, thanks to its precision, compactness, and standardization. The eRPS offers a comprehensive solution for the growing demand for electric vehicles, supporting both road safety and electrification.


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