Delta’s UFC200 EV Charger Earns Top-tier German Eichrecht Certification

What’s Happening

Delta, a leading global entity in power and thermal management solutions, has announced its UFC200 Series 200 kW Ultra Fast EV Charger now meets the requirements of the German Eichrecht, the latest German Weights and Measurement Act. This is a compulsory requirement for charging point operators (CPOs) in Germany. Delta’s UFC200 EV chargers, currently installed in more than 2,000 locations across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), can be updated to comply with the Eichrecht standard without complete unit replacement.

Why It Matters

Hans-Peter Glauser, the Product Manager of Electric Vehicle Charging Systems at Delta Electronics EMEA region, states, “Delta’s dedication to laws and industry standards that safeguard customers and operators is unwavering. Accurate, transparent, and safe energy delivery is crucial. Our UFC200 Ultra Fast Charger has garnered high approval from both major CPOs and top-tier car manufacturers across the EMEA region. To demonstrate our support for the German Eichrecht, we ensured our Ultra Fast Chargers comply with the act. This delivers peace of mind to both CPOs and EV drivers.”

Key Points

  • The UFC200 is outfitted with a credit/debit card payment terminal and an integrated touchpad for PIN entry.
  • The German Weights and Measurement Act requires CPOs to operate certified EV chargers with a calibrated energy metering system to legally sell energy to consumers.
  • Delta has successfully complied with the German calibration law with its DC charging stations and holds both Module B approval for the design and Module D approval for the production.
  • Existing customers can retrofit their operating EV chargers to meet the Eichrecht standard without total unit replacement, an action approved by the VDE conformity body.

Bottom Line

Delta’s adherence to standards sets it up to respond promptly to similar legal frameworks introduced globally in the context of EV chargers. This provides assurance to CPOs and the escalating number of drivers transitioning to electric vehicles worldwide. Furthermore, Delta leverages this new competence across its entire range of DC EV chargers. With its cost and resource-effective solutions and an eye on creating successful long-term market partnerships, Delta’s commitment to customer satisfaction and industry standards is clear. Delta also enhances its design competency and stays updated on industry developments through membership in the S.A.F.E. e.V. association.


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