Denmark Paves Way for EV Future with Autel’s Ultra-Fast Charger

Autel Energy’s MaxiCharger DC HiPower lands in Denmark, marking a major leap in the country’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. This cutting-edge technology promises blazing-fast charging speeds and sets a new standard for green mobility in Europe.

Partners in Progress: Autel, a leading EV charging solutions provider, has partnered with prominent Danish operator PowerGo to deploy the first-ever MaxiCharger DC HiPower units in Europe. Two stations are slated to be operational by December’s end, symbolizing a pivotal moment in Denmark’s ambitious clean energy plans.

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Power Play: The MaxiCharger DC HiPower redefines charging speed with a staggering 640 kW maximum output power, 650 amp current, and single-cable delivery of up to 480 kW. This translates to significantly reduced charging times, making EVs even more appealing to Danish drivers.

Smarter Charging: Autel’s commitment to intelligent technology shines through in the MaxiCharger. Equipped with the patented Energy Cube matrix switching algorithm and AI-driven optimization, it minimizes expansion costs while maximizing power usage efficiency.

Reliable & User-Friendly: With a 99.5% vehicle compatibility rate and one-time charging success rate, the MaxiCharger prioritizes user experience and ensures seamless charging for virtually any EV.

Green Goals, Shared Vision: This strategic partnership aligns perfectly with Denmark’s vision for a sustainable future. The country, a frontrunner in renewable energy, aims to have all new passenger cars be zero-emission by 2030. Autel’s innovative charging solutions will play a crucial role in achieving this ambitious goal.

The Road Ahead: The MaxiCharger DC HiPower’s arrival in Denmark marks a significant step towards a greener future for Europe. Autel, alongside partners like PowerGo, is paving the way for a world where EVs are powered by clean, efficient energy, and Denmark is leading the charge.


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