Autel Energy Launches High-Power MaxiCharger in U.S.

Autel Energy, renowned globally for its electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, has rolled out its latest product, the MaxiCharger DC HiPower, for the U.S. market. This avant-garde charger has raised the bar in the industry, boasting an impressive 640kW maximum charging power, positioning itself as one of today’s most swift and efficient EV charging devices.

Why It Matters

Electric vehicles are increasingly becoming a vital component of the global transportation ecosystem. As EV adoption surges, the need for faster and more efficient charging solutions is paramount. Autel’s MaxiCharger addresses this demand head-on, ensuring both individual consumers and businesses can optimize their EV experiences.

Key Points

  • Ultra-Fast Charging: With a peak output of 640 kW and advanced liquid-cooling tech, the MaxiCharger promises up to 250 miles of range in a mere 10-minute charge.
  • Intelligent Operation: Thanks to Autel’s Energy Cube and AI-aided switching mechanisms, users benefit from maximized power efficiency and cost reduction. Load balancing further refines power consumption, offering top-tier station functionality.
  • Unmatched Reliability: Unified hardware-software integration from Autel ensures minimized breakdowns, heightened maintainability, and stellar uptime. Notably, it showcases a vehicle-charger compatibility of 99.9% and a single-charge success ratio of 99.5%.
  • Scalability for Future Growth: The charger’s power begins at 320 kW and can be ramped up to 640 kW via the addition of power modules. The ability to charge up to 8 EVs at once, coupled with its compatibility with solar power, energy storage, and EMS, underscores its sustainability credentials.

Bottom Line

Michelle Luo, Autel Energy US’s CRO, expressed immense enthusiasm over the MaxiCharger DC HiPower’s U.S. debut, emphasizing its alignment with the brand’s commitment to safety, efficiency, and user convenience. As the release of the MaxiCharger sets a new benchmark, both Autel Energy and the EV charging sector at large are gearing up for an era of eco-friendly transit, powered by unparalleled efficiency and customer-driven design.


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