EBRO: The Rise of a Spanish Automotive Icon as it Embraces Electric Mobility

EBRO, the renowned Spanish brand of industrial vehicles, has announced its rebirth with renewed values, presenting its new electric project: a completely modern and ecological car with an updated logo. This marks a new milestone for the Spanish automotive industry.

A Symbol of Sustainability, the Totem of the National Automotive Heritage, EBRO has been in the market since 1954, successfully combining classic with innovation and practicality with comfort, with a clear objective: to become a symbol of sustainability with its new 100% electric pick-up designed and manufactured in Spain. At EBRO, we aspire to make electric vehicles practical, affordable, and safe for everyone.

Where did it all start? From Tractors to Electric Pickups in 115 Years. In 1907, the first Fordson tractors began to be assembled at the Ford plant in Spain. Over time, the cars were transformed and improved, and in 1954 EBRO appeared as a brand responsible for producing tractors and trucks, a symbol of industrial vehicles in Spain. EBRO cars expanded the range of production models but always accompanied the business objective in Spain and the rest of Europe.

EBRO: The Rise of a Spanish Automotive Icon as it Embraces Electric Mobility

2013 was a particularly significant year for EBRO, as the brand developed the first 100% electric prototype for off-road competitions, becoming one of the first to launch the electric mobility trend. Two years later, in 2015, the first electric car debuted at the Dakar Rally. The car was created by the current company Ecopower, under the direction of Edu Blanco and Ariel Jaton and with the support of Acciona.

In 2019, after several successful projects and achievements, the company EBRO Ecopower Automotive was created, giving a new life to the mythical brand. Since then, the electric SUV prototype has been constantly refined and improved. The combination of technologies, improved design, and development plan has made it possible to launch the first functional prototype in early 2023. EBRO is prepared for the future electric pick-up to be optimally adapted to off-road journeys in Spain, not only for the Dakar Rally but also for the industrial and recreational sectors.

Who is behind the Phoenix of the Spanish Automotive Industry? EBRO Ecopower Automotive works in partnership with the D-HUB center in Barcelona to produce electric vehicles at its facilities in Spain: a symbolic place that was the production center for agricultural machinery of Motor Ibérica until nationalization in 1954 when it became EBRO. In 1979 it was bought by Nissan Motor Ibérica facilities and began to produce EBRO cars under the Japanese brand. In 1987 it was absorbed by Nissan and disappeared from the automotive market. Recently, in 2020, Ecopower recovered the EBRO brand under the union between SMV, Jaton Racing, Api Brothers, and Zanskar Aventura.

Taking a Look Behind the Scenes With the Future EBRO Pickup Concept. The EBRO pickup is an updated version of the classic model but electric. EBRO Ecopower Automotive believes that “the key for the automotive industry is to switch to renewable and ecological energy sources, and this is where our electric pickup comes in.” The company is confident that their new car will not only conquer the rally tracks but also the roads of Spain and Europe.


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