ECD’s EV2 Drivetrain Revolutionizes Off-Road Luxury

ECD Auto Design (ECD), recognized globally for its bespoke restorations of Land Rover Defenders, Range Rover Classics, and Jaguar E-Types, unveils the prowess of its EV2 drivetrain system in rugged terrains. The firm aims to elevate the capabilities of its EV Defenders with features tailored for extreme conditions.

Why It Matters

Electric vehicles (EVs) have long been associated with city commutes, but ECD’s advancements challenge this narrative. As CTO and co-founder of ECD, Elliot Humble, puts it: “EVs can do it all. Project Margaux demonstrates that our EV2 system can match, and sometimes surpass, the capabilities of a traditional V8 engine.” This transformation signifies a paradigm shift where EVs no longer have limitations in challenging environments.

ECD's EV2 Drivetrain Revolutionizes Off-Road Luxury

Key Points

  • Advanced Features: ECD’s EV Defenders come equipped with:
    • Four-wheel drive for challenging terrains.
    • Creep mode and regen braking for enhanced incline control.
    • Rapid charging capabilities.
  • Widespread Chargers: EV users can benefit from the proliferation of charging options, including eco-friendly solar-powered stations at trail beginnings.
  • Enhanced Ranges: ECD’s EV2 offers extended battery ranges, minimizing concerns over distance limits.
  • Nature-Friendly: The quieter drivetrain of EVs potentially leads to increased wildlife encounters, ideal for adventurers.
  • Project Margaux: A custom-built Defender 90, this vehicle sets a new standard for luxury off-roading. It features:
    • Safety enhancements like a black multi-point roll cage and custom steering guard.
    • BFGoodrich All Terrain tires combined with ECD’s air ride suspension.
    • Additional off-road specifications, including a rear LED spotlight and a trailer hitch receiver.

Bottom Line

ECD Auto Design is redefining off-road experiences by seamlessly integrating luxury with the reliability and environmental advantages of electric drivetrains. For those eager to explore customized Land Rover Defender models or other classics, ECD awaits at


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