Elywhere and Pratexo Revolutionize EV Charging with Cutting-Edge Technology

Strategic partnership between Elywhere and Pratexo brings innovative edge computing to high-power EV charging stations, elevating user experience and minimizing grid impact.

What’s Happening

Elywhere, a forerunner in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, has joined forces with Pratexo, a leading edge-to-cloud computing platform provider. Together, they aim to boost the efficiency and accessibility of high-power EV charging stations, integrating these stations with large battery packs for a more flexible and decentralized charging experience.

Why It Matters

The alliance marries the strengths of Elywhere’s high-power, semi-mobile charging stations and Pratexo’s advanced edge-to-cloud computing platform. By coordinating power distribution between the grid, local power sources, and batteries, they enable optimized charging sessions that address the growing needs of EV users and grid operators. This partnership also paves the way for green energy integration and participation in national power balancing markets, ensuring a more sustainable future.

Key Points

The CEOs of both companies, Kenneth Hauge of Elywhere and Blaine Mathieu of Pratexo, express their enthusiasm for the partnership. According to Hauge, Pratexo’s edge computing prowess is instrumental in fully realizing the capabilities of Elywhere’s innovative charging infrastructure. Mathieu emphasizes Pratexo’s commitment to advancing global electrification and its pride in facilitating smarter EV charging system control.

Bottom Line

The strategic partnership between Elywhere and Pratexo could redefine the EV charging landscape. Their collaboration offers expanded features and flexibility for charging infrastructure, including plans for future integrations with local power production and energy management systems. Furthermore, the hardware-agnostic nature of Pratexo’s platform allows for the seamless integration of various computing hardware and central cloud services into Elywhere’s charging stations. This partnership isn’t just a win for EV drivers. It’s a significant step towards a more sustainable and efficient energy future.


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