EV Charging: Audi Drives Premium Experience

Audi’s ambitious charging strategy aims to make EV ownership effortless, convenient, and even pleasurable. Jens van Eikels, Head of the Charging Project House, shares insights on the brand’s vision and progress.

Audi recognizes that charging infrastructure is crucial for e-mobility success. Beyond enticing cars, seamless charging and service offerings are key. Van Eikels emphasizes three pillars:

  1. Variety: Audi caters to all EV charging needs, from home solutions to convenient high-power charging (HPC) hubs in urban areas.
  2. Premium Experience: Audi charging hubs offer Plug and Charge, ergonomic cable holders, spacious lounges, and prime locations.
  3. Continuous Improvement: Audi is developing solutions like 10-minute HPC charges for 250 km range, and seamless integration between vehicles, navigation, and charging infrastructure.

Customers are responding positively. Audi charging contracts are increasing, with over 17 million kWh charged this year, 85% in HPC networks. The Nuremberg charging hub is a popular example of Audi’s premium approach.

Audi prioritizes employee charging too, electrifying over 5% of parking spaces.

Globally, the EV charging infrastructure is rapidly expanding, with Europe seeing a 4.5x increase in HPC stations since 2021. Audi is actively setting standards in high-volume markets like China, USA, and Europe, but also exploring countries like Brazil and India.

Sustainability is paramount. Audi offers green electricity contracts and partners with RWE on a solar park project. Second-life battery storage systems support charging infrastructure, with the Berlin EUREF Campus serving as a real-world laboratory for bi-directional charging.

Looking ahead, Audi sees bi-directional charging, dynamic electricity plans, and integration with home photovoltaic systems as future areas of focus.


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