EV Range Unveils LG Charger Collaboration

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EV Range has announced a collaboration with LG Business Solutions, introducing an American-made LG electric vehicle (EV) charger into its network. As the first to distribute these chargers, EV Range pairs them with its advanced charging station management software, offering a seamless experience for consumers through its pay app. This partnership signifies a leap forward in electric vehicle charging technology and accessibility.

Key Highlights:

  • Partnership between EV Range and LG Business Solutions.
  • First to Market with LG’s American-made EV chargers.
  • Chargers are preconfigured for remote management.
  • Enhanced driver experience with comprehensive support services.
  • Commercial grade LG charger with high power output.
  • Fully managed charging ecosystem simplifying operations for hosts.

“We are thrilled to introduce the LG charger to our network,” stated Carl Pancutt, CEO of EV Range. “This collaboration represents a significant milestone for the entire EV charging industry.”

The newly introduced LG charger is designed for commercial use, boasting a power output capability that ranges from 208-240V on a 60A circuit, delivering up to 48A (11.5kW). This efficiency translates to adding approximately 35 miles of range per hour, featuring a user-friendly interface with a simple LED display that provides real-time energy and cost data.

“EV Range has created a fully managed charging ecosystem that simplifies the charging experience for EV drivers as well as the host facility,” remarked Michael Kosla, U.S. senior vice president at LG Business Solutions. “LG is proud to partner with this forward-looking industry leader.”

EV Range’s charging solution encompasses backend management software, frontend applications, and ongoing support services aimed at enhancing the EV charging driver experience. With the inclusion of LG chargers, EV Range now offers a more robust and integrated solution for property owners, fleet managers, and consumers, making it an efficient, effective, and scalable choice for those looking to venture into or expand their EV charging station offerings.

EV Range and LG Business Solutions have embarked on a path to redefine the electric vehicle charging landscape, offering cutting-edge technology and support that cater to both drivers and facility owners, ensuring a simplified, reliable charging experience.

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