EVBox Launches Essen Training Center

EVBox, a leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging technology, recently inaugurated a new Training and Testing Center in Essen, Germany. This facility marks a significant milestone in EVBox’s expansion and commitment to sustainable electric mobility. Located in the Ruhr region’s green business hub, the Essen center transforms a former coal mining site into a hub for sustainable energy.

Why It Matters

The Essen Center is not just a new facility for EVBox; it represents a significant investment in the future of electric mobility. It addresses two critical challenges in the EV industry: the need for skilled personnel trained in electric mobility and the necessity of comprehensive testing for EV infrastructure compatibility with various vehicle models. This strategic move positions EVBox as a key player in the transition to sustainable transportation, especially in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

From left to right: Markus Dehn (CTO at EVBox), Remco Samuels (CEO at EVBox), and Gerwin Sieders (CCO at EVBox)

Key Points

  • Grand Opening: The opening ceremony featured speeches by Remco Samuels, CEO of EVBox, and Alexander Wieler, Regional Director Sales for the DACH region.
  • Strategic Location: Essen is recognized as a major energy hub in Germany. The location of the new center allows EVBox to be in close proximity to customers and partners, enhancing product testing and connectivity.
  • Facility Capabilities: The center can accommodate up to 60 employees when fully operational. It is equipped for various tests, including climate chamber tests, power quality assessments, and interoperability tests between vehicles and chargers.
  • European Expansion: The Essen center adds to EVBox’s growing presence in Europe, complementing existing locations in Bordeaux, France, and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Bottom Line

EVBox’s new Training and Testing Center in Essen is more than just a facility; it’s a commitment to the future of electric mobility. By addressing key industry challenges and expanding its European footprint, the company strengthens its position as a leader in EV charging infrastructure. This strategic move not only enhances the company’s capabilities but also supports the broader transition to sustainable transportation in the DACH region and beyond.


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