EVgo Integrates Rivian Models into Autocharge+ Program

EVgo Inc., a leading national public fast-charging network for electric vehicles (EVs), has officially included Rivian Automotive’s R1T and R1S models in its Autocharge+ program. This integration enables Rivian drivers to seamlessly start a charging session on the EVgo network by merely connecting their vehicles to an EVgo fast charger.

Why It Matters

The addition of Rivian models to Autocharge+ is a testament to the growing acceptance and demand for user-friendly charging solutions. With Rivian’s inclusion, the number of vehicles compatible with Autocharge+ has risen to 30, making the fast-charging experience more accessible and straightforward for a broader range of EV users.

Key Points

  • EVgo’s Autocharge+ allows eligible EVs to commence a charging session within moments, negating the need for any external apps, credit card swipes, or tapping an EVgo RFID card.
  • Since its launch in September 2022, Autocharge+ has seen a substantial uptick in usage, accounting for 13% of all charging sessions on EVgo’s nationwide network.
  • The integration of Autocharge+ facilitates a smoother customer journey by doing away with separate identification and payment processes, ultimately enhancing charging success rates.
  • Alongside Rivian’s R1T and R1S, six other EV models have been incorporated into the Autocharge+ program over the past 12 months.

Bottom Line

Ivo Steklac, EVgo’s Chief Technology Officer, emphasized the company’s commitment to creating a frictionless charging experience, mirroring trends seen in other sectors like rideshare and contactless payments. As he mentioned, “The more frictionless and dependable an experience is, the more people will embrace it.” EVgo is not only excited to welcome Rivian drivers but is also enthusiastic about the future expansion of the Autocharge+ program, ensuring a seamless charging experience for even more EV enthusiasts.


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